Why is Pinterest Requiring my Birthdate?

Have you ever questioned why Pinterest, the online inspiration board of your dreams, suddenly requests your birthday? It may sound strangely intimate coming from a website mainly renowned for its mouthwatering recipes and do-it-yourself crafts. We’ll examine the motivations behind Pinterest’s birthday inquiry in this post and what it implies for your Pinterest experience.

Pinterest requires your birthdate for the following reasons:

Pinterest requires your birthdate
  • To verify your age: To establish an account on Pinterest, you must be at least 13. By requesting your birth date, Pinterest can confirm that you are of legal age.
  • Pinterest uses your birthdate to customize your suggestions and advertisements. You could see more pins relating to Christmas or other winter holidays if you tell Pinterest, for instance, that your birthday is in December.
  • To abide by local laws, The age of Pinterest’s users must be gathered in various nations. To comply with these rules, Pinterest must inquire about your birthdate.

You may make a secret account if you don’t want to disclose your birthdate. Only those you invite may see private funds. However, you won’t be able to access some of Pinterest’s features, including seeing other people’s boards or receiving tailored suggestions.

The following are some birthday-related activities Pinterest can do for you:

birthday-related activities Pinterest
  • Personalize your suggestions: Pinterest utilizes your birthdate to provide pins appropriate for your age and interests. You could see more pins relating to Christmas or other winter holidays if you tell Pinterest, for instance, that your birthday is in December.
  • Show you stuff suitable for your age: Pinterest utilizes your birthdate to display content relevant to your period. For instance, Pinterest could not display pins connected to alcohol or cigarettes if you are under 18.
  • Pinterest uses your birthdate to tailor your advertising. For instance, Pinterest may display more advertisements for Christmas goods if you inform it that your birthday is in December.
  • You have the option of keeping your birthdate private from Pinterest. If you do, Pinterest will use it to tailor your experience and target advertisements.

Therefore, you’ll realize the next time Pinterest asks for your birthdate that it’s not simply a random question but a mechanism for the platform to customize your experience and provide you with stuff appropriate for your age group. Making your Pinterest experience more pleasurable and customized is the primary goal. Accept it, and allow your Pinterest boards to serve as inspiration.

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Why does Pinterest want to know my birthday?

The most frequent justification given by Pinterest for requesting your birthdate is that it has to make sure all users are at least 13 years old before allowing them to use the site. Additionally, the age verification mechanism is intended to safeguard children and ensure the user knows the community’s laws and regulations. 

What Age Must I Be to Join Pinterest?

All users of Pinterest must be at least thirteen years old to access the website. The age range for the age system varies depending on the nation where you reside and is often between 13 and 16 years old.

How can I remove the Pinterest add your birthday feature?

You may change your age on Pinterest to get rid of adding your birthday there.

Why can’t I sign up for Pinterest?

You have to be 13 years old or older to use Pinterest.

Is it okay to mention my birthday on Pinterest?

Giving your birthday to Pinterest is secure.

Why should I set my Pinterest profile’s age?

The minimum age to use Pinterest is 13. Thus, you may enter the age appropriately.


Pinterest is a fantastic image-sharing website that facilitates learning new things. Recently, many users have been confused about why Pinterest requests their birthdate and verifies their age. Please read the complete article and share it with your friends to learn Why Pinterest is asking For My Birthday and how to resolve this problem. Keep reading Path of EX for more news on technology, gaming, and social media trends! If you have any questions, comment below, and we’ll respond immediately!