Do WiFi Extenders Work for Gaming?

In the world of gaming, a stable internet connection is vital for a seamless experience. While a wired connection is the gold standard for gamers, it’s not always feasible. In such cases, WiFi extenders become a popular choice. This article delves into the effectiveness of WiFi extenders for gaming, their pros and cons, and provides recommendations for the best gaming experience.

Do WiFi Extenders Work for Gaming?

WiFi extenders can indeed improve your gaming experience by extending your network’s reach, but they are not the ideal solution for gaming. When it comes to gaming, wired connections are the best due to their lower latency. Playing games wirelessly can introduce latency, and WiFi extenders can exacerbate this issue, especially if they are of lower quality.

Are WiFi Extenders Bad for Gaming?

Are WiFi Extenders Bad for Gaming?

While WiFi extenders are not necessarily bad for gaming, their effectiveness depends on your network setup and the type of games you play. Slower-paced games, such as RPGs or turn-based games, are less affected by lag and can work well with WiFi extenders. However, for fast-paced online games like first-person shooters, WiFi extenders may not be the best choice as they can lead to increased lag, affecting your gaming performance.

Can WiFi Extenders Cause Problems?

The quality and placement of your WiFi extender play a crucial role in its impact on gaming. Cheaper and less powerful extenders may negatively affect your gaming experience, causing timing and reaction issues. Ideally, position your WiFi extender as close to the router as possible, even if it seems counterintuitive. Line-of-sight to the router also ensures optimal performance. When the extender is placed in several rooms or floors away from the router, signal strength may not be sufficient.

To prevent network congestion, limit the number of users and downloads when gaming. The more devices connected, the higher the likelihood of speed degradation. Keep in mind that a WiFi extender’s performance is not as reliable as a dedicated gaming router.

Is a WiFi Extender Better For Some Games or Worse?

Is a WiFi Extender Better For Some Games or Worse

The suitability of a WiFi extender for gaming depends on the type of games you prefer. Slower-paced games with less emphasis on quick reactions and low latency, such as role-playing games, can work well with extenders. On the other hand, fast-paced online games like Fortnite or first-person shooters may present issues with extenders, causing lag and slowdowns during gameplay.

Is There a Difference in Performance?

Using a WiFi extender can indeed impact your gaming performance, particularly for fast-paced games where low latency is crucial. Different WiFi extenders offer varying levels of performance. Cheaper models typically provide lower speeds and fewer features, so investing in a high-end WiFi extender is advisable for avid gamers who cannot use a wired connection. Alternatively, dedicated gaming routers can extend your range without the need for separate WiFi extenders.

The Best WiFi Range Extenders of 2023

For gamers seeking the best WiFi extenders in 2023, we recommend considering reputable brands known for their reliability and performance. Here are some top options to consider:

ModelSpeed (Mbps)Coverage (sq. ft.)Price Range
TP-Link RE650260014000$$
NETGEAR Nighthawk X6S30002500$$$
Linksys RE900030002500$$$
ASUS RP-AX5618003000$$
D-Link DAP-1955190010000$$

These WiFi extenders offer various features to suit different needs and budgets, so you can find the one that fits your gaming requirements.

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Are WiFi extenders the same as mesh networks for gaming?

No, WiFi extenders and mesh networks serve different purposes. Mesh networks, like Eero or Google Nest, are designed for seamless coverage throughout your home and often provide better performance for gaming due to their ability to hand off devices between nodes.

Can I use a WiFi extender and a gaming router together?

Yes, you can use a WiFi extender in conjunction with a gaming router to extend the range and improve your gaming experience. Just ensure that the extender is compatible with your router.

How can I reduce lag when gaming with a WiFi extender?

To reduce lag, place your WiFi extender as close to the router as possible, ensure a clear line of sight, and limit the number of connected devices and downloads when gaming. Using a high-quality WiFi extender can also help.

Are powerline adapters a better alternative for gaming than WiFi extenders?

Powerline adapters can be a good alternative for gaming, offering a wired-like connection over your home’s electrical wiring. They may provide more stable latency than WiFi extenders, but the effectiveness depends on your home’s electrical wiring.


WiFi extenders can be a helpful solution for gaming when a wired connection is not feasible. However, their effectiveness varies based on the type of games you play and the quality of the extender. By choosing the right extender and optimizing its placement, you can enhance your gaming experience even in areas with poor WiFi coverage. Remember that while WiFi extenders can work, they are not a substitute for a wired connection when it comes to low-latency gaming.