O Diabo Veio Para Matar Roubar E Destruir Nvi


The topic of the devil and his malevolent intentions has intrigued humanity for centuries. In various cultures and belief systems, he is often portrayed as a dark and sinister figure, responsible for spreading evil and causing harm. One particular reference to the devil’s nefarious nature is found in the Portuguese phrase “O Diabo veio para matar, roubar e destruir NVI.” In this article, we will explore the meaning and significance of this phrase, shedding light on its relevance within theological and spiritual discussions.

The Phrase “O Diabo veio para matar, roubar e destruir NVI”:

“O Diabo veio para matar, roubar e destruir NVI” is a Portuguese phrase that can be translated to English as “The Devil came to kill, steal, and destroy NVI.” The phrase is strongly connected to a specific biblical passage, which can be found in the New Testament of the Holy Bible, more precisely, the Gospel of John 10:10 (NVI version).

The Gospel of John 10:10 (NVI):

The phrase in question originates from the New International Version (NVI) of the Gospel of John, a translation of the Bible into Portuguese. In this verse, Jesus speaks about the contrast between His divine purpose and the devil’s malevolent intentions:

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.” (John 10:10 – NVI)

This verse illustrates the stark opposition between the compassionate mission of Jesus, which is to offer abundant life, and the destructive aims of the devil, who seeks to inflict harm, spiritual death, and chaos upon humanity.

Interpreting the Phrase:

The phrase “O Diabo veio para matar, roubar e destruir NVI” has gained popularity among Christian communities, especially those who follow Portuguese-language translations of the Bible, like the New International Version. It serves as a succinct reminder of the ongoing spiritual battle between good and evil, with the devil representing the epitome of wickedness.

In this context, “matar” (kill) refers to the devil’s desire to bring spiritual death to individuals by distancing them from God and His love. “Roubar” (steal) symbolizes the devil’s attempt to rob people of their joy, peace, and the blessings that God intended for them. Lastly, “destruir” (destroy) signifies the devil’s intention to sow chaos, pain, and suffering in the lives of those who succumb to his temptations.

Redemption and Overcoming Evil:

Despite the ominous message conveyed in the phrase, it is essential to remember the second part of the verse in John 10:10. Jesus affirms that He has come to grant abundant life to His followers. This promise instills hope, emphasizing that no matter how sinister the devil’s plans may be, those who believe in Jesus have the power to resist evil and find salvation.


The phrase “O Diabo veio para matar, roubar e destruir NVI” encapsulates a powerful message rooted in the teachings of the Gospel of John. It highlights the eternal battle between good and evil, emphasizing the devil’s malevolent intentions to bring death, steal joy, and spread destruction. Nevertheless, the verse also serves as a beacon of hope, reminding believers that through their faith in Jesus and His mission, they can overcome the devil’s schemes and embrace a life filled with God’s abundant love, peace, and blessings. Understanding the significance of this phrase encourages individuals to stand firm in their beliefs and pursue a righteous path amid life’s many challenges.