Xbox Controller :How to Connect an Xbox Controller to Tesla Model 3?

Tesla cars are well-known for their in-car entertainment. While their automobiles are charging or inside the vehicle, drivers may enjoy playing various games. Use a gaming Xbox Controller for an improved experience. A controller must also be connected to play certain games.

In this article, we’ve provided a way to make it easier for you to connect your Xbox controller to your Tesla Model 3/Y.

Detailed Instructions for Attaching an Xbox Controller to a Tesla Model 3/Y

Use the USB-C connectors in the center console or the USB-A port in the glove box to connect your Xbox controller to your Tesla Model 3/Y’s main display using a data connection (not a charge-only USB cable, which lacks the data transfer functionality). If you wish a wireless connection or your controller cannot be connected to your Tesla via cable, adhere to our recommendations below.

Step 1:

Get a wireless adapter or dongle to connect your Xbox controller in The MAYFLASH Magic NS 2, and the 8Bitdo Wireless USB Adapter 2 are the most well-liked choices.

Step 2:

Use the USB data ports on the Tesla to connect the Wi-Fi adapter. Use a USB-A to USB-C adapter if necessary. Please remember that more current Model 3/Y vehicles do not have USB data hookups in the center console. Use the USB-A port in the glove box, which is required.

Step 3:

Switch your wireless adapter into pairing mode. The pairing button for the 8Bitdo is positioned at the bottom, in contrast to the Magic NS’s pairing method, which may be reached by pressing the black button on the side until the light goes green and begins to flash rapidly.

Step 4:

Hold the Xbox button to turn it on for one second, then plug in your controller. Then, hold the circular pair button on the controller’s back for three seconds.

Step 5:

The wireless adapter and Xbox controller’s LEDs will stop blinking once connected. A notification message verifying the pairing will appear on your Tesla’s display.

Model 3 and other Tesla vehicles, as of my most recent information update in September 2021, did not natively accept Xbox controllers. Tesla has been known to upgrade its software to include new functions and enhancements occasionally. Likely, Tesla has since released a software upgrade for Xbox controller capability.

Follow these general procedures to see if your Tesla Model 3 now accepts Xbox controllers:

Ensure your Tesla Model 3 runs the most recent software by updating your vehicle’s operating system. Your car should get notifications when an update is available because Tesla typically distributes updates over the air (OTA).

Put your Xbox controller in pairing mode to begin the pairing process. Typically, to do this, hold down the Xbox button and the sync button at the same time until the controller’s LED begins to blink erratically.

Connect to the Car: Tap the screen to access the infotainment system in the Tesla. Go to the “Controllers” or “Bluetooth” section.

Search for the Xbox controller in the list of Bluetooth devices that are accessible to pair. It should read “Xbox Wireless Controller” or a phrase. To connect it to your Tesla, choose it.

Test It Out: If your Tesla has suitable games installed, you should be able to use the Xbox controller to navigate menus, manage media playback, or play games after pairing.

Remember that you might need to wait for a future software update to activate this functionality if your Tesla Model 3 does not currently accept Xbox controllers. Tesla frequently releases software upgrades that progressively roll out new features and enhancements.

To get the most updated details on Xbox controller compatibility with your vehicle model, please read the most recent Tesla software release notes or contact Tesla customer assistance.


You may play games on the touchscreen display of your Tesla Model 3 with improved control and familiarity by connecting your Xbox controller to the car. You can link your Xbox controller and enjoy a new level of entertainment while driving by following the easy procedures described in this article.


Can I attach additional controllers to my Tesla Model 3?

Yes, various Bluetooth gamepads, including Xbox Wireless Controllers, are supported with the Tesla Model 3. It is advised to consult Tesla’s official literature for a list of compatible controllers since compatibility may vary.

Q2: Can I use the Xbox controller on my Tesla Model 3 for purposes other than gaming?

A: After being linked, the Xbox controller may be used to navigate the Tesla Model 3 touchscreen’s menus and choices, offering a handy method to utilize the car’s functions.

Q3: Can I play games on my Tesla Model 3 without an internet connection?

A: No, you don’t need an internet connection to play the majority of the games on Tesla Arcade while playing offline. Certain online multiplayer games may require an internet connection to play with other people.

Q4: Can I use the Tesla Model 3’s USB connections to charge my Xbox controller?

A: Thanks to its USB connections, you may change your Xbox controller or any other compatible device while driving or while the Tesla Model 3 is parked.

How many Xbox controllers can I attach to my Tesla Model 3?

A: The Tesla Model 3 enables multiple Bluetooth connections, allowing you to connect numerous Xbox controllers simultaneously and play multiplayer games.

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