Pinterest: How to unhide a pin on pinterest?

Pins on Pinterest might be hidden or found.

Users have greater control over what appears in their Pinterest home news feed by concealing and unhiding Pinterest Pins. Pinterest dynamically curates the Pins in your news feed based on the people, topics, boards, and businesses you follow. Simply tapping a menu option will hide a Pinterest pin. Although this is a valuable function, its operation could be more comprehensive and transparent. It’s simple to reveal a Pin using the “Undo” button. On the desktop, instead of the Pinterest mobile app, hiding Pinterest Pins works somewhat differently. The functionality that Pinners genuinely desires but currently needs to improve is the ability to see all of their hidden Pins with the option to unhide them at will.

Why Hide a Pin on Pinterest?

Users may customize the material they view in their home feed by hiding specific pins. Individual Pins can only be hidden from your home feed. This enables Pinterest to discover more about your disinterests. Pins from sponsors may also be hidden and shown. Promoted Pins are the term used for paid ads on Pinterest. Advertisers use interest and behavior targeting to determine who they display Promoted Pins to. A Pinterest user may opt to hide the Pins if they decide they do not like a Promoted Pin or perhaps they are seeing the advertisement too often.

How to Hide a Pin on Pinterest

On Pinterest, users may unintentionally conceal a Pin. When using the mobile app, it is straightforward to hide a PIN unintentionally. Press and hold the pin picture while swiping your finger to the “X” symbol on the Pinterest mobile app to make the Pin invisible. Sadly, the button is next to the one that saves the Pin. As a result, you can often find yourself concealing Pins you did not plan to.

On the mobile app, there is a severe issue. It will disappear if you spend too much time looking at one picture while scrolling through others. A whole bunch of pins disappears even though you were not even looking at them because of concealed pins you weren’t even unaware of were there. Once you leave the page, the “unhide” function should still be available. Pins from your Pinterest home feed are the only ones you may conceal and reveal. There is no option to hide or unhide any PIN when you search for a person, subject, board, or account and browse through the Pins.

How to Hide a Pin on the Mobile App for Pinterest

On Pinterest’s desktop site, compared to its mobile app, there are differences in the types of Pins you may conceal and the methods you can use.

  • Log in to the mobile Pinterest app.
  • Tap the Pinterest button in the bottom left corner to access your newsfeed.
  • Tap the Pin’s bottom right corner and choose hide OR to make it invisible.
  • To remove a pin, hold it down while choosing the “X” button.
  • Tap Undo to reveal a hidden Pinterest pin.

Pin Hiding Instructions for Desktop Pinterest

Desktop Pin Hiding and Unhiding Compared to the Pinterest mobile app, Pinterest is slightly different. Users may only hide Promoted Pins on Pinterest for desktop. It’s being paid advertising. Users may choose “I don’t like this Pin” if it isn’t a Promoted Pin, essentially the same as concealing. However, you will have the chance to tell Pinterest why you don’t like an organic Pin. Unhiding the Pin is the same in both situations.

  • Log in to Pinterest with a web browser.
  • To access your home newsfeed, click the Pinterest button in the top left corner.
  • Tap the three dots in the lower right corner of the Pin picture and choose conceal to hide a Promoted Pin. To remove an organic Pin, hit the three dots in the lower right corner of the Pin picture and choose “I don’t like this Pin.” If you like, you may select one of the explanations, although doing so is not required.OR –
  • To remove a pin, hold it down while choosing the “X” button.
  • Tap Undo to reveal a hidden Pinterest pin.

How to Unhide a Pin on Pinterest

If you accidentally conceal a Pin, you can unhide it as long as you do it right away. However, there is only one way to see all your hidden Pins in one place on your account on a board or tab. Both the desktop and mobile versions of Pinterest are affected by this. A Pin that has been hidden must be quickly unhidden, or it will be lost indefinitely.

How to Unhide a Pin on Pinterest’s Desktop or Mobile App Pinterest

When a Pin is hidden, a dark grey overlay is placed over it.

Select the Undo button on the overlay to reveal any Pin that has been hidden.

Note: If you don’t unhide the Pin immediately, it will vanish forever. No list of secret Pins exists. A list of hidden Pins you may unhide won’t be visible to you later.

Personal Pins

They are making your Pinterest Pins private rather than concealing them. It may be a better option if you want to hide your Pins purposely but still want others to be able to see them. You cannot, regrettably, conceal your Pins. However, save them to a board and then make the board private as a whole. In this manner, the Pins are exclusively visible to you and others who control your Pinterest account.

How to Create a Private Pinterest Board

How to Create a Private Pinterest Board
  • Visit Pinterest.
  • Select the board you wish to conceal.
  • Press and hold the board cover picture when using the Pinterest mobile app, then tap the pencil symbol to modify the board. Tap the pencil symbol in the bottom right corner of the board’s cover picture on Pinterest’s desktop version.
  • Turn on the visibility toggle switch and choose “Keep this board secret.”


On Pinterest, unhiding a pin is simple, particularly if you act quickly.

While there are alternative techniques to find pins you’ve previously hidden, they regrettably don’t always work. So, unless you’re completely certain that you never want to see anything again, try not to conceal things too much.

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