Does Target Sell Stamps? Your Complete Guide

If you’re in need of stamps and are looking for a convenient option, Target might be the solution you’re searching for. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about purchasing stamps at Target, from the types of stamps they offer to how to buy them and save money while doing so.

What Type of Stamps Does Target Sell?

What Type of Stamps Does Target Sell?

Target offers a variety of stamps in their physical stores, including first-class stamps, forever stamps, international stamps, and national stamps.

  • First-class stamps are designed for standard letter-size envelopes.
  • Forever stamps are versatile and can be used to mail a one-ounce envelope.
  • International stamps are available for those sending mail outside the United States.
  • National stamps are offered for domestic mail within the United States.

Where to Buy Stamps at Target?

Most Target stores sell stamps, but it’s essential to confirm availability. You can inquire about stamps at the cash register, and if they are not available there, the customer service desk will have them.

To locate the nearest Target store, use the Target Store Locator or their directory by state. You can also contact Target at +1-800-440-0680 or use the “Contact Us” button on to confirm availability beforehand.

Can You Buy Stamps at Target Online?

No, Target does not sell stamps online. Stamp purchases are exclusively available at physical Target stores, either at the cash register or the customer service desk.

How Much Does Target Charge for Stamps?

Individual Target stamps cost $0.55 each, which is the same price as the US Post Office. The price of a book of stamps varies depending on the quantity. For example, a book of 20 first-class forever stamps costs $11. The price of coils and rolls may vary based on the design and size.

To save money when buying stamps at Target, consider using your Target REDcard to enjoy a 5% discount on your total purchase.

Does Target Sell Individual Stamps?

Target does not sell individual stamps, but they do offer books, coils, or rolls of stamps. If you need only one stamp, you can purchase it from the US Post Office.

Does Target Sell Holiday Stamps?

Yes, Target offers holiday stamps for various occasions, including Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s. These holiday-themed stamps are priced at $0.55 each.

How to Buy Stamps at Target?

Before purchasing stamps at Target, confirm their availability at the specific store. Once confirmed, you can buy stamps at either the cash register or the customer service desk. Target stores typically operate from 7 am to 10 pm, Monday to Friday.

Why Buy Stamps at Target?

There are several advantages to buying stamps at Target:

  • Competitive Pricing: Target offers stamps at the same price as the US Post Office, ensuring you don’t pay extra for your postage needs.
  • Variety of Stamps: Target provides a range of stamp options, including first-class, forever, international, and national stamps, catering to different mailing needs.
  • Convenience: With many Target stores spread across the United States, it’s convenient to purchase stamps at a location near you.
  • Additional Postage Supplies: In addition to stamps, Target also sells envelopes, packaging materials, and parcels, making it a one-stop shop for your mailing needs.
  • Target REDcard Savings: If you possess a Target REDcard, you can save 5% on your total stamp purchase, further reducing your postage costs.

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Does Target Sell Envelopes and Stamps? 

Yes, Target does sell envelopes and stamps, although their availability may vary by store. It’s advisable to confirm before visiting.

Does Target Sell Forever Stamps? 

Target offers forever stamps, priced at $0.55 per stamp, along with other stamp types.

Does CVS in Target Sell Stamps? 

CVS stores, including those located within Target, typically sell stamps. To verify availability, you can call the store or use their online “Contact Us” feature.

Does Target Sell Postcard Stamps? 

Yes, Target sells postcard stamps, suitable for mailing standard postcards.

Do You Earn Circle Reward Points when Buying Stamps at Target? 

No, you do not earn Circle Reward Points when buying stamps at Target. However, you can use your Target REDcard to save 5% on your total purchase. Circle Reward is a loyalty program applicable to non-REDcard payments.


Target is a convenient and cost-effective destination for purchasing stamps. With a wide range of stamp types, competitive pricing, and the convenience of numerous store locations, it’s an excellent choice for meeting your mailing needs. Just remember to confirm availability before heading to your local Target store for stamps and other postage supplies.