Business Cash Advance Blursoft: Everything You Need To Know

If you’re a business owner looking to supercharge your growth but find yourself strapped for cash, a business cash advance from Blursoft might be just the financial boost you need. A business cash advance is a financial solution that allows businesses to secure quick funding based on their future credit card sales.

Unlike traditional loans, where you need to put up collateral and navigate a lengthy approval process, business cash advances offer a streamlined and accessible alternative.

How Does Business Cash Advance Blursoft Work?

The mechanism is simple yet effective. A lender provides your business with a lump sum of cash upfront, which you repay using a percentage of your daily credit card sales. This arrangement allows for flexibility in repayment, as your payments are directly linked to your revenue.

How Does Business Cash Advance Blursoft Work?

First Step:

To qualify for a business cash advance, you’ll need to provide Blursoft with proof of your business’s current credit card processing and sales volumes. If you’re new to the credit card processing industry, you can request a free quote on your business’s potential volume and fees.

Next Step:

 Blursoft will need to perform a credit check on your business’s ability to repay the loan. If you’ve ever received a credit inquiry on your business credit card from another lender, you’ve probably already experienced the credit check.

Last Step:

Once Blursoft has completed the credit check and processed the application, you’ll receive the cash you need within 24 hours. While you’ll only need to pay the money back if your business earns enough to cover the loan, you’ll also be charged a $200 application fee.

Eligibility Criteria for Blursoft’s Business Cash Advance

To qualify for Blursoft’s business cash advance, you need to meet these basic criteria:

  1. Time in Business: Your business should be operational for at least six months.
  2. Monthly Credit Card Sales: You should have a minimum monthly credit card sales volume.
  3. No Open Bankruptcies: Businesses with open bankruptcies are typically not eligible.

Funding options give Business Cash Advance Blursoft

As a business cash advance lender, Blursoft has access to a number of funding options for your business’s short-term cash needs. Whether you want to borrow up to $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, or $500,000, Blursoft can arrange the financing you need for your business.

Your business cash advance will be available for up to one year, depending on your agreement. In addition, you can renew your loan for additional terms up to five years at no additional cost.

How Do You Pay Back the Loan?

After you receive a business cash advance, you’ll be given a monthly payment. You will have to pay back the money you borrowed plus interest over the course of a year. The interest rate will vary, depending on the lender you get a loan from.

It’s good to note that you can’t take out a second loan while you’re repaying a previous one. You should only apply for a business cash advance if you plan to repay the loan in full.

Key Benefits of Merchant Cash Advance Blursoft

Key Benefits of Merchant Cash Advance Blursoft

Blursoft’s business cash advances offer:

  1. Low Interest: Unlike traditional loans, the APR on a business cash advance can be as low as 0 percent!
  2. Simple Application: The Blursoft application process is easy and can be completed in less than 5 minutes.
  3. Short-Term Financing: Cash advances are typically issued for one to three months, and most applications are processed in as little as one business day.
  4. Quick Approval & Easy Repayment: The average approval time for a business cash advance is just 30 minutes. The application fee is rolled into the loan amount and paid back in full. No payments are required during the term of the loan.
  5. No Origination Fees & Flexible Terms: There are no origination fees associated with a merchant cash advance from Blursoft. Blursoft offers flexible repayment terms that allow you to repay your business cash advance over a period of up to 12 months.

Common Misconceptions

There are misconceptions surrounding Business Cash Advance Blursoft, including concerns about high interest rates. It’s important to clarify these misconceptions and understand the true costs associated with this type of financing.

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In conclusion, Blursoft’s business cash advance is a powerful tool for businesses looking to fuel their growth. With competitive rates, flexible terms, and a streamlined application process, we’re here to support your entrepreneurial journey. Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional financing and embrace a brighter future with Blursoft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get a cash advance with a business account?

Yes, you can typically get a cash advance with a business account, but it depends on your bank and the terms of your business account agreement. Business cash advances are often subject to fees and may have a limit on the amount you can withdraw.

How does Blursoft’s BCA differ from a traditional bank loan?

Blursoft’s BCA offers quick access to funds with a streamlined application process, flexible repayment, and no collateral requirements. Traditional bank loans often involve extensive documentation and fixed monthly payments.

Is a high credit score necessary to qualify for Blursoft’s BCA?

No, Blursoft evaluates businesses based on their daily credit card transactions, making it accessible to businesses with varying credit scores.